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Chinese Precious Items In USA
在 美國 發現的 中國骨(古)董

A.   Ancient "Writing Brush" Holder


此二 "篆字" 為今字
"" ""

B.   14th Century Incense Burner

Xuande Burner
(明朝 宣德 "佛經紙色" 香爐)

宣德香爐   1428

Zheng He brought
this golden burner here also!


Xuande 宣 德 年代
Offering Plate & Incense Burner

Brought to California by Zheng He (鄭 和)

鄭 和 船隊帶到美國加州的
貢盤 和 香爐

漢字 (HanZi

(有 .gif
For those who have no Chinese OS to read

Chinese Characters
7,000+ Years' development

中華文字, 源遠流長.

Chinese Character
comes from a long long way back in history !